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Green jade is the provincial stone of British columbia, a very beautiful and hard gemstone. It is also called BC jade.
Canada has the richest nephrite deposits and is one of the largest producing and exporting countries..
There are over 50 known nephrite occurrences in British Columbia, mostly in Northern BC. These are located in the Cassiar, Cry and Dease Lake, Mount Ogden, and other areas, as well as in Southern British Columbia and in Yukon.
Canadian Jade Mining SiteCanadian jade mining site

Canadian jade consists of individual blocks, boulder fields, and in situ occurrences. Nephrite often occur at or near the contacts of ultramafic/mafic rocks (mainly serpentinites) with cherts, and other metasedimentary or igneous felsic rocks of oceanic terranes such. It is believed that the British Columbia nephrite formed by metasomatic exchange between ultramafic and silicabearing rocks. Impurities in the Canada nephrite are spinel group minerals (chromite, magnetite, picolite), diopside, uvarovite, titanite, chlorite and talc.
Jade is the "toughest natural stone on earth". Therefore unearthing jade boulders  is the simplest mine method. Jade boulders are often evaluated by drilling or sawing before shipping.
First Nations peoples at the northwest coast  of British Columbia has long history of using jade. Nephrite was used extensively by native peoples  as early as 3000 years ago. Jade artefacts are located throughout the territories associated with the Dorset culture. The Tlingit made tools and ceremonial objects of nephrite jade and Inuit hunters carried jade talismans to bring good fortune. Tougher than steel, nephrite jade requires long hours of carving and polishing.
Currently majority of Canada jade rough stones are exported to China, small amount to New Zealand and Taiwan.
Rough Canadian jade Canadian green jade rough stone

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